26 May 2005

Keeping Up-To-Date with Journals: New Links

There's a huge number of people on the net doing some very useful things for comparative law fans. That's my (increasingly humble) feeling after a few days of looking around for links to put in ComparativeLawBlog's sidebar. For example, the good folks at BLAWG are making an impressive effort to track the contents-lists of all US Law Reviews, telling us not only who's got what by whom, but also who's running late and why. Their site has links to two valuable sources provided by the Library of the University of Texas, that give overviews of the contents of a large number of Law Reviews in the US, and Law Reviews from outside the US. On the European side of the Atlantic, the Library of the European Court of Justice publishes a bi-monthly overview of all current literature on European Law. Permanent links have been added below.

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