08 May 2006

Journal of Comparative Law

This is something I should definitely have notified earlier, but here goes: there's a new Journal of Comparative Law, published by Wildy, Simmonds & Hill and with an impressive list of editors and boardmembers. The Journal will be published twice yearly, and articles will be peer-reviewed. The first issue (2006/1) contains this mission statement by editor Nicholas Foster (SOAS, London), entitled: ‘The Journal of Comparative Law: A New Scholarly Resource’. Issues will contain contributions to the following sections: Research Commentaries; Reviews; Noted Publications; Sources (occasional); Bibliography (occasional); Other Voices (occasional); and Classics of Comparative Law (occasional).

The editors have chosen to "adopt a broad definition of ‘comparative legal studies’, a definition which includes at least the following categories: Theoretical Aspects of Comparative Legal Studies; Single-system Analysis; Directly Comparative Analysis; ‘Harmonisation’, ‘Legal Transplants’ and Mixed Jurisdictions; Problems Arising from Trans-border Transactions and Events; Conflict of Laws; Divergent Approaches to Public International Law; and Comparative Law and Legal Theory."

Editorial guidelines and an overview of the contents of the first issue can be found on the Journal's home page here.

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