28 January 2008

Law & Politics Book Review: 'Transnational Constitutionalism' (Tsagourias, ed.)

Law & Politics Book Review has a review by John E. Finn (Wesleyan University) of 'Transnational Constitutionalism: International and European Perspectives' (N. Tsagourias, ed., Cambridge University Press 2007 ). Here's a blurb:

TRANSNATIONAL CONSTITUTIONALISM, edited by Nicholas Tsagourias, explores constitutionalism and constitutional forms in spaces other than the nation state. This is a fascinating topic (though perhaps not as novel as the book implies). By transnational (or European, though the contributors note that these are not precisely the same thing) and international constitutionalism, the editor refers to “unfolding models of European and international constitutionalism” and seeks to evaluate them by “contextualizing their structural and normative premises and critically reflecting on their constitutional ethos” (p.9). As Tsagourias suggests, continental scholarship on these questions is “thriving,” in part because of the continuing development and constitutionalization of the European Union.

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