24 April 2008

New Issue: Asian Journal of Comparative Law (No. 1, Vol. 3, 2008)

Publication of the latest issue (No. 1 of Vol. 3, 2008) of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law was announced last week by BePress. All papers can be downloaded here. The issue has contributions on:

-The death penalty in Korea (Kuk Cho)
-China's abnormal sex ratio and gender equality (Liang Ying Tan)
-Religious liberty in Indonesia and 'deviant' sects (alfitri)
-Shari'ah and state law in Aceh, Indonesia (Hasnil Basri Siregar)
-Ideology, law and dispute resolution in Brunei (Ann Black)
-Public interest litigation and human rights: India and Australia (C. Forster & V. Jivan)
-Data protection in APEC's privacy framework (Johanna Tan)
-China, India and WTO law (Julia Ya Quin)
-The role of government in China (Vivienne Bath)
-Universal human dignity in the Asian context (Man Yee Karen Lee)

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