02 September 2009

Conference on Hybrid Legal Systems (SICL, Lausanne, 10-11 Sept 2009)

The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law will host an international conference on mixed jurisdictions and hybrid legal traditions this month, entitled: 'Going Beyond the Mixed Jurisdiction Theory: the Emergence of Hybrid Legal Systems and their Implications for the Comparative Lawyer', with the subtitle: ‘Negociating Boundaries: Hybrid Legal Traditions and Comparative Lawyers’. The programme for the conference, to be held in Lausanne on the 10th and 11th of September, can be found here.

Comparative legal scholars from a wide range of jurisdictions will present both case studies on 'hybrids in action' and 'developing hybrids' (with reference to Cyprus, Malta, China or the WTO for example) and formulations of a new theory of 'legal families'. Further information and registration the website of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, or via Sean Donlan (University of Limerick).

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