31 December 2009

7th ASLI conference in Kuala Lumpur, 25-26 May 2010


Quoting from the website of the Asian Law Institute:

the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) and the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University, Malaysia are holding the 7th Annual ASLI conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25th and 26th May 2010.
The conference format remains broadly the same as last year: there will be five rounds of six parallel sessions over two days. The broad theme of the conference is "Law in a Pluralist Asia: Challenges and Prospects." Asia is arguably the most pluralist region in the world and law has a critical role in accommodating and managing this plurality, which exists at so many levels.
Within the broad conference theme of "Law in a Pluralist Asia: Challenges and Prospects", five of the parallel sessions will focus on selected sub-themes: (1) religion/religious laws (studying aspects of various religious laws, for example, Islamic(Shariah), Jewish, Hindu, Biblical in their historical contexts and application to modern life, as well as examining the place of religion in national legal systems); (2) norms, values and law (exploring competing social, cultural, religious, traditional norms as well as the balancing of minority and majority interests in society); (3) legal pluralism (examining the historical and contemporary phenomenon of the coexistence of different legal systems within various jurisdictions in Asia ); (4) law and economic development (examining different models of economic development in Asia and how law has a role to play in facilitating economic development and international trade taking into account the different stages of social and political development in Asia; (5) regionalization and law (looking at the role of law in developing regional institutions and common standards as well as the harmonization of legal and regulatory regimes. Session (6) will be a general one to include presentations that address the broad theme but may not fit comfortably within the subthemes, or may cut across subthemes, for example, conflict of law or comparative law.
Call for papers
There will be four papers per panel to give presenters and discussants adequate time for fruitful engagement. We encourage participants to focus their papers and address the conference theme and sub-themes. In addition to the general call for individual papers, we would also like to encourage individuals to organise their own panels by coordinating with colleagues, preferably from other ASLI institutions. This will allow for the panels to be more cohesive and will also foster greater collaboration between academics, which is one of the key aims of ASLI.
Deadline for submission of an abstract or panel is 8 January 2010
for more information: http://law.nus.edu.sg/asli/asli_journal.htm; http://www.iium.edu.my/laws/journal.php

May the new year – both 2010 and the coming Chinese year of the Tiger – be peaceful, happy and fruitful for all!

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