04 February 2010

The latest Global Jurist

The Global Jurist has posted the following new articles:


Mauro Bussani, ‘Credit Rating Agencies' Accountability: Short Notes on a Global Issue’

Dario Bevilacqua and Jessica Duncan, ‘Towards a New Cosmopolitanism: Global Reflexive Interactive Democracy as a New Mechanism for Civil Society Participation in Agri-food Governance’

Chiara Bortoluzzi, ‘A New European Model of Legal Education as One of the Institutional Elements of the New European Common Law’


Sayed Sikandar Haneef, ‘Debate on Methodology of Renewing Muslim Law: A Search for a Synthetic Approach’

Neera Chandhoke, ‘What Sort of a Right is the Right of Secession?’

Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha, ‘Data Protection and Insurance: The Limits on the Collection and Use of Personal Data on Insurance Contracts in EU Law’

Featured Article

Laura Nader, ‘What the Rest Think of the West -- Legal Dimensions’

About the journal

Global Jurist offers a forum for scholarly cyber-debate on issues of comparative law, law and economics, international law, law and development, and legal anthropology. Mindful of globalization and respectful of cultural differences, linguistic and cultural barriers are overcome and legal issues are finally discussed outside of the narrow limits imposed by positivism, parochialism, ethnocentrism, imperialism and chauvinism in the law.

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