30 March 2010


The Comparative Law Blog welcomes another Guest Blogger, Colin Picker:

Professor Colin Picker is presently at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law, but will be moving to the Law Faculty at the University of New South Wales some time this year. His research interests lie in the cross section and synthesis of the fields of international economic law, public international law and comparative law. Further to those interests he has been engaged in comparative law analyses of various international institutions and doctrines - including analysis of the World Trade Organization from a legal tradition perspective. Professor Picker is also a co-author of Comparative Legal Traditions: Texts, Materials and Cases on Western Law, 3rd Edition (American Casebook Series) (Thomson West Publishing 2007) (with Mary Ann Glendon & Paolo G. Carozza) (4th edition anticipated 2011) and the associated "Nutshell". Professor Picker sits on the Board of the American Society of Comparative Law and is an Executive Vice-President (and a founder) of the global Society of International Economic Law.

With Dan Stigall, Colin will blog with us for the next few months.

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