21 March 2010


I've been asked to pass on the folowing information on a Eurotort Database:

For those comparative lawyers interested in private law the database provides an invaluable starting point for cases from other jursidictions in Europe. The cases have been selected by experts from each respective jurisdiction, who have also drafted the English texts presenting the facts of the case and an abstract of the decision.

At present, the collection contains over 1,600 decisions from 28 European countries, all categorized and indexed. You can search by jurisdiction, time period, keywords, full text, or a combination thereof. The materials stem from cases reported in the “Tort and Insurance Law Yearbook” series, co-published by the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL) and the Institute for European Tort Law of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as well as in the “Digest of European Tort Law” series of the latter institution. Further additions are being made continuously.

Those interested can register by filling in the form at the following link: http://www.ectil.org/ectil/Eurotort/Registration.aspx

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