02 March 2010

NOTICE: Journal of Civil Law Studies

The Center of Civil Law Studies of the Louisiana State University Law Center announces the publication of Volume 2 of the Journal of Civil Law Studies (JCLS). Volumes 1 and 2 of the JCLS are freely accessible online, at www.law.lsu.edu/jcls

Volume 2 of the JCLS contains:

  • Jacques Vanderlinden, Aux origines de la culture juridique française en Amérique du Nord
  • Olivier Moréteau, The Future of Civil Codes in France and Louisiana
  • Andrea Borroni & Charles Tabor, Caveat Emptor’s Current Role in Louisiana and Islamic Law: Worlds Apart yet Surprisingly Close
  • Catherine Piché, The Cultural Analysis of Class Action Law
  • Georges A. Cavalier & Thomas Straub, Mergers and Acquisitions Comparative Economic Analysis of Laws: France vs. USA
  • Agustín Parise, Gustavus Schmidt, The Civil Law of Spain and Mexico
  • Olivier Moréteau & Agustín Parise, The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Civil Code (1808-2008)
The JCLS invites the submission of articles for Volume 4, to appear in the Fall of 2010. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2010. Please visit www.law.lsu.edu/jcls or email jcls@law.lsu.edu

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