24 March 2010

NOTICE: SSRN's Comparative Law e-Journal

SSRN's Comparative Law e-Journal has announced the following titles:
  • Satya Ranjan Swain, 'Insolvency of Companies – Under Companies Act 1956: A Legal Perspective and Reform'
  • Asem Khalil, 'Constitution-Making and State-Building: Redefining the Palestinian Nation'
  • Carmen G. Gonzalez, 'Colin Crawford, and Daniel Bonilla, Neoliberalism, the Free Market, and Their Critics (El Liberalismo Neoclásico, el Libre Mercado y Sus Críticos)'
  • Shubhankar Dam, 'Constitutional Fiats: Presidential Legislation in India's Parliamentary Democracy'
  • Tomas Berkmanas, 'Motives in Support of Judicial Activism: Critique and Ethics of Restrained Adjudication as an Alternative'
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