02 April 2010

Asian Journal of Comparative Law

Berkeley Electronic Press announced the following articles recently published in Asian Journal of Comparative Law.
. The Same Difference: Protecting Same-Sex Couples under the Domestic Violence Ordinance (Puja Kapai)
. Schisms in Humanitarianism -- The Khmer Rouge Tribunal's First Hearing (Mahdev Mohan)
The Transformation of Land Law in Indonesia: The Persistence of Pluralism (Daryono)
Book Reviews
. Review of Emergencies and the Limits of Legality (Michael Dowdle)
. Review of Corporate Governance in the 21st Century -- Japan's Gradual Transformation (Colin P. A. Jones)
Featured Article
. Changing Mindsets: How China's Abnormal Sex Ratio Is Turning Its Government into a Champion of Gender Equality (Liang Ying Tan)

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law is a definitive new peer-reviewed journal for Asian perspectives on the law and legal perspectives on Asia. An initiative of the Asian Law Institute, an association of thirteen leading law schools in Asia, the journal's editors and authors come from top institutions across the Asian-Pacific region and South Asia. The journal publishes articles from scholars with intimate knowledge of local practices that offer unique insight into how legal solutions are tailored to local culture and circumstance. Recent topics include Korean corporate governance, the political culture of blogging in Malaysia, and Asian discourses on legal education. One of the few English-language law journals based in Asia, and the only pan-Asian one, Asian Journal of Comparative Law is an invaluable resource for scholars of comparative and international law as well as scholars of Asian area studies.

Source: http://www.bepress.com/asjcl/announce/20100331/

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