28 April 2010

NOTICE: German Law Journal

I just received the following email from the editors of the German Law Journal:

Dear Readers:

We are pleased to announce to you the new issue of the German Law Journal, Review of Developments in German, European & International Jurisprudence, which is now available - at no cost - at www.germanlawjournal.com.

April came and went, a volcano erupted and might continue to do so. 'The Economist' explores 'earthly powers' and we, what do we do? We continue our inquiry into the Lisbon process and the German Federal Constitutional Court's much discussed judgment (see already the contributions to Vol. 10, No. 8 (August, 2009, available at: http://www.germanlawjournal.com/index.php?pageID=2&vol=10&no=8).

Furthermore we are honoured to publish Professor Thomas Raiser's Keynote Address on "Sociology of Law in Germany", which he delivered in March at the Bi-Annual Conference of the German Law & Society Association in Bremen. The German version of the Address is simultaneously published in the Journal: Rechtswissenschaft (Nomos Verlag): http://www.rechtswissenschaft.nomos.de/.

The new issue includes as well an assessment of member state procedural liability and two thoughtful book review essays.

Please allow us to draw your attention to a Special Call for Submissions for a Mini-Symposium on Academic Freedom, Critical Book Reviews and the Boundaries between 'Scholarly Critique' and Libel. The submission deadline for very short thought-pieces, in particular with view to the different existing legal regimes in other countries, is 15 May 2010. Please visit our homepage for the complete call for submissions and for more detail.

Please direct all correspondence to both glj@osgoode.yorku.ca and millerra@wlu.edu.

As always: Happy Reading, and: Happy Writing!

Russell Miller & Peer Zumbansen
Editors in Chief
The Editors

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