01 April 2010

NOTICE: SSRN's Comparative Law e-Journal

SSRN's Comparative Law e-Journal has announced the following titles:
  • Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, A World Fit for Children is a World Fit for Everyone: Ecogenerism, Feminism, and Vulnerability
  • Peter Hettich, Governance by Mutual Benchmarking in Postal Markets: How State Owned Enterprises May Induce Private Competitors to Observe Policy Goals
  • Paul Enriquez, Finding Needles in a Haystack: Linesmanism and the Search for America’s Constitutional Future in Education, Integration, and Diversity Amid a New Global Revolution
  • Siobhan Mullaly, Speaking Across Borders: The Limits and Potential of Transnational Dialogue on Refugee Law in Ireland
  • Marie Gryphon, Assessing the Effects of a 'Loser Pays' Rule on the American Legal System
  • Mats Bergman, Malcolm B Coate, Maria Jakobsson, and Shawn W Ulrick, Merger Control in the European Union and the United States: Just the Facts

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