28 June 2010

NOTICE: German Law Journal

I just received the following information on the German Law Journal:

Dear Readers:

It is our pleasure to announce to you the new issue of the German Law Journal, Review of Developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence, which is now available - at no cost - at http://www.germanlawjournal.com.

This issue brings three very timely articles on International Peacekeepers, Computer Crime and on the prospects of social justice following the Laval and Viking Decisions by the European Court of Justice. It concludes with two essays that are concerned with the libel case brought in France against Professor Joseph Weiler (NYU Law School), following the publication of a book review, which he commissioned. The GLJ wishes to offer these essays as a small contribution to what the Editors consider a highly important debate around academic freedom. We invite you to study these and other contributions to the debate attentively and to let us know your thoughts.

As always: Happy reading - whereever you might be these days,

Russell Miller & Peer Zumbansen
Editors in Chief
The Editors, German Law Journal

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