10 June 2010

Private Law Theory - A Workshop at AU Washington College of Law: Call for Position Papers (Michaels/Nicola)

Professors Ralf Michaels and Fernanda Nicola are organizing an exciting Workshop on 'Private Law Theory' at American University, Washington College of Law, on July 28 2010. This is their call for short proposals ('scraps') for discussion topics:

The current crisis of public law, and of the state, has reinvigorated interest in private law and its theory. Scholars from all over the world are invited to share their views and perspectives, so debates that have often been national or regional can be linked and a global perspective may be possible.

Our hope is to draw on as many voices and perspectives as possible. Therefore, we will launch a "call for scraps:" Each participant is asked to provide a position paper of no more than ½ to one page. This paper may summarize the scholar's own work, or present his or her vision for private law today, or make another contribution that may be of interest to others. This should facilitate our conversations. Most of the participants will have a chance to briefly present their ideas in one of the various panels.

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration and submission of a "scrap" are required by July 20. We envisage a maximum of 40 participants selected on the basis of the work submitted. The meeting will include breakfast, lunch and a small closing reception. Aseparate program will be put together on the basis of the submissions.

We invite interested participants to send their scrap to Cleo Magwaro; cm9631a@student.american.edu

Ralf Michaels, Duke University School of Law/Princeton University, USA
Fernanda Nicola, American University Washington College of Law, Washington
D.C., USA fnicola@wcl.american.edu.

PS: Professors Michaels and Nicola did not ask for this, but for those interested: here are some links to (some of) their work on private law theory:

Fernanda Nicola, Transatlanticisms: Constitutional Asymmetry and Selective Reception of US Law and Economics in the Formation of European Private Law, Cardozo J of Int & Comp L 2008 (on SSRN)

Ralf Michaels & Nils Jansen, Private Law Beyond the State? Europeanization, Globalization, Privatization, Am J Comp L 2006 (on SSRN)

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