16 December 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: Global Legal Education Conference (23-24 June 2011)

At the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Faculty of Law, Maastricht University
Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June 2011
Faculty of Law, Maastricht, the Netherlands


In 2011, the Maastricht University Faculty of Law will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The Faculty has been a centre of innovative teaching and ideas from the very beginning. We have witnessed the steady transformation of law practice into a pan-European and globalized set of institutions, and we have consistently incorporated these trends into our study programmes.

During previous anniversaries, the Faculty organized  conferences around this transformation, focusing on the teaching of law, comparative law and how to deal with an increasingly European legal framework. Past events have focused on the establishment of the Ius Commune - the common law of Europe - research and setting up the highly successful, English-language European Law School bachelor's and master's programmes. The Faculty of Law now offers a truly European legal education.

For our 30th anniversary, we are organizing a legal conference about the challenges of teaching globalised law. In June 2011 we will meet to discuss what is meant by 'global law'. What are the demands of the international labour market? How do we teach globalisation in the various domains of the law? What skills, competences and knowledge should be expected from future lawyers? How will future legal education need to change to meet the demands of globalised societies? How are global developments perceived differently in Asia, Europe and North America?

These and many other related questions will be addressed by a variety of prestigious keynote speakers. After the plenary sessions, we have organized a variety of workshops. We kindly invite you to participate by submitting papers that will be discussed during these workshops.

The two days conference will be held in Maastricht in June, 2011. Come visit us for two sunny days in the beautiful, ancient city of Maastricht. Dine in the city's many restaurants, enjoy the sites and engage in the discussion on the future of international law and globalisation.


1. Legal education in a global legal environment: Training academics or practitioners?
2. Skills in a legal curriculum
3. Law and culture English language
4. Impact of international and European law
5. How to compare law
6. Law: A transnational program? Development of joint programs
7. Lawyers: A national profession?
8. How to teach comparative criminal law
9. How to teach comparative tax law
10. How to teach environmental law
11. How to teach private law


The Faculty of Law of Maastricht University invites academic researchers in various disciplines to submit papers for presentation at the conference. Papers should relate to the topic of one of the eleven workshops mentioned above. Proposals for papers (abstracts of max. 500 words) should be submitted before 15th January 2011. By 1st May 2011, the organizers of the conference will decide which papers will be accepted.

The organizers envisage a conference proceeding and accepted papers can apply for publication in this proceeding. Authors of accepted papers are waived from their conference fees.

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to the respective workshop coordinator.

CONFERENCE WEBSITE: http://www.law.unimaas.nl/conferences/globallegaleducation

Please visit our conference website for registration, latest programme updates, abstract submission and practical information.

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