13 March 2011

NOTICE: New German Law Journal

I just received the following email on the new German Law Journal:

We are pleased to announce that the new issue of the German Law Journal, Review of German, European & International Jurisprudence is now available at www.germanlawjournal.com.

Following closely on the much-regarded Symposium on 'Critical Legal Thought', which started off the 12th volume of the German Law Journal this year, this new number is a Special Issue dedicated to the concept of 'LEGAL POSITIVISM'. We trust you will find this Symposium's wonderful contributions a suitable excuse to set aside other work for a moment to join its editors and authors to reflect on legal positivism's fate in a time, where the boundaries between law and competing concepts of social ordering seem anything but fixed. The authors address this challenge from a variety of perspectives, including a host of different legal cultural backgrounds.

Some of the papers collected in this Symposium have grown out of presentations at the 2009 IVR World Congress in Beijing, China, a small number of others were contributed by authors later joining this timely endeavour. We do extend our gratitude to the editors and authors for this opportunity.

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