16 June 2011

NOTICE: The Concept of 'law' in Context: Comparative Law, Legal Philosophy, and the Social Sciences Conference (21-22 October 2011 - Lausanne, Switzerland)

Juris Diversitas and the Swiss Institute of Comparative law have organised a conference on The concept of 'law' in context: comparative law, legal philosophy, and the social sciences to be held from 21-22 October 2011 at the Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In addition to the 'interventions' of Werner Menski (SOAS) and William Twining (UCL and Miami), many others will participate:

Marc Amstutz (Fribourg), Gerhard Anders (Edinburgh), Mauro Bussani (Trento), Seán Patrick Donlan (Limerick), Baudouin Dupret (CNRS) Julia Ekert (Berne), Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, (SICL), Alessio Lo Giudice (Catania), Emmanuel Melissaris (LSE), Alexander Morawa (Lucerne), David Nelken (Cardiff and Macerata), and Mark van Hoeke (Catholic University Brussels).

The conference themes are explained as:

The coexistence of the laws of the state and other normative orders, in the Western past and the global present, is a challenge to both modern legal philosophy and comparative law. The continuing importance of non-state norms, trans-national and sub-national, undermines the state-centred focus of much contemporary jurisprudence. It also problematises the neat division of complex and dynamic legal traditions into discrete families of closed legal systems.

Juris Diversitas' project on Legal Philosophy in Context will also be discussed and a volume will be published based on papers delivered at the conference.

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