22 July 2011

NOTICE: New German Law Journal

The new issue of the German Law Journal is now available. It includes:

Phillipp Dann & Marie v. Engelhardt, The Global Administrative Order Through a German Lens: Perception and Influence of Legal Structures of Global Governance in Germany

Olivera Simic, Bringing “Justice” Home? Bosnians, War Criminals and the Interaction between the Cosmopolitan and the Local

Marek Szydło, The Process of Granting Exclusive Rights in the Light of Treaty Rules on Free Movement

Milana S. Karayanidi, Does the European Commission Have Too Much Power Enforcing European Competition Law?

Theodor Schilling, Multilingualism and Multijuralism: Assets of EU Legislation and Adjudication?

Jean David Jansen, Case Note—Judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice of Germany) of 22 March 2011: Passion to Inform— BGH Expands Banks’ Advisory Duties

Donal K. Casey, Mary Dobbs, Alan Greene, James Lawless & Niamh M. Mulholland, Transforming Researchers into Educators: Some Reflections on the University College Dublin School of Law Syllabus Design Workshop 2010

Mai Taha, Review Essay—The Mystic Wand of Participation: An Appraisal of Mark Mazower’s “No Enchanted Palace: The End of Empire and the Ideological Origins of the United Nations” (2010)

Artour Rostorotski, Book Review – David A. Strauss’ The Living Constitution (2010)

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