23 August 2011

NOTICE AND CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS: The new Global Journal of Comparative Law

I recently discovered that a new Global Journal of Comparative Law has been created. The journal is:

established to provide a dynamic platform for the dissemination of ideas on comparative law and to report on developments in the field of comparative law from all parts of the world. In our contemporary globalized world, it is almost impossible to isolate developments in the law in one jurisdiction or society from another.

At the same time, what is traditionally called comparative law is increasingly subsumed under aspects of International Law. This new journal therefore aims to maintain the discipline of comparative legal studies as vigorous and dynamic by deepening the space for comparative work in its transnational context.

The Editorial Committee consists of:

Francis Botchway, Associate Professor of Law, Qatar University

Associate Editor:
Benjamin Richardson, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia,
Kathryn McMahon, Associate Professor of Law, Warwick Law School,
Kim Van der Borght, Professor of Law, Free University of Brussels,
Gonzalo Villalta Puig, Professor of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Book Reviews, Notes & Comments Editor:
Richard Oppong, Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University,

Editorial Assistant:
Billy Melo Araujo, Tutor, Kings College, University of London

For enquiries or to submit a manuscript proposal, please contact:

• Billy Melo Araujo, billy.melo_araujo@kcl.ac.uk
• Francis Botchway, fbotchway@qu.edu.qa
• Kim Van der Borght, vanderborghtkim@gmail.com

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