19 November 2009

The latest Global Jurist

The Global Jurist has posted the following new articles:


Elisabetta Grande, 'Dances of Justice: Tango and Rumba in Comparative Criminal Procedure'


Andrea Zanoni, 'Hedge Funds' Empty Voting in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Fiduciary Duties Perspective'


Julie De Coninck, 'Overcoming the Mere Heuristic Aspirations of (Functional) Comparative Legal Research? An Exploration into the Possibilities and Limits of Behavioral Economics'

Federico Picinali, 'Is "Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" a Self-Evident Concept? Considering the U.S. and the Italian Legal Cultures towards the Understanding of the Standard of Persuasion in Criminal Cases'

Featured Article

Maria Rosaria Ferrarese, 'When National Actors Become Transnational: Transjudicial Dialogue between Democracy and Constitutionalism' (examines how constitutional dialogue works, and addresses the different kinds of legitimation the courts' refer to, democracy and constitutionalism)

About the journal

Global Jurist offers a forum for scholarly cyber-debate on issues of comparative law, law and economics, international law, law and development, and legal anthropology. Mindful of globalization and respectful of cultural differences, linguistic and cultural barriers are overcome and legal issues are finally discussed outside of the narrow limits imposed by positivism, parochialism, ethnocentrism, imperialism and chauvinism in the law.

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