13 November 2009

The transnationalization of legal cultures

The German Law Journal has posted the contributions to a 10th Anniversary Symposium on the ‘transnationalization of legal cultures’. The articles include:

Festakt Remarks
  • Brun-Otto Bryde, ‘In Praise of Transnationalism’
  • Armin von Bogdandy, ‘Positioning German Scholarship in the Global Arena: The Transformative Project of the German Law Journal’
  • Robert A Pollard, ‘Remarks from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin’
  • Heribert Hirte, ‘Remarks from the German-American Lawyers’ Association (DAJV)’
  • Axel C Filges, ‘Remarks from the German Federal Bar (BRAK)’
  • Russell A Miller, ‘The German Law Journal as “Lived” Comparative Law’

Theorizing Transnational Law

  • Susanne Baer, ‘Observations on a Birthday’
  • Matthias Mahlmann, ‘Varieties of Transnational Law and the Universalistic Stance’
Transnationalizing Public Law
  • Ingrid Wuerth, ‘Transnationalizing Public Law’
Transnationalizing Private Law
  • Gralf-Peter Calliess & Moritz Renner, ‘The Public and the Private Dimensions of Transnational Commercial Law’

Europe as Transnational Law
  • Karl-Heinz Ladeur, ‘Europe Has to Be Conceived as an Heterarchical Network and Not as a Superstate!’
  • Christian Calliess, ‘The Transnationalization of Values by European Law’
  • Christoph JM Safferling, ‘A Criminal Law for Europe: Between National Heritage and Transnational Necessities’
  • Kaitlin Abplanalp & Ronald Bruckmann, ‘Conference Report — The Transnationalization of Legal Cultures’

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