11 February 2010

CONFERENCE: The Impact of the OHADA on International Business Law and Practice in Africa

A conference on 'The Impact of the OHADA on International Business Law and Practice in Africa' is being held shortly in Dakar, Senegal on 19-20 February 2010:

The purpose of the treaty creating the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (in French: “OHADA”), signed by 16 Sub-Saharan African States on October 17, 1993 and entered into force on September 18, 1995, is to promote economic development and integration as well as to ensure a secure legal and judicial environment in Africa. The OHADA treaty provides its member States with a uniform business law, a regional arbitration institution for the settlement of contractual disputes as well as with the training and specialization of magistrates and staff of the judiciary that the members have agreed to contribute to. The harmonization method, both on the substantive and procedural level, represents a very unique approach that is not to be found elsewhere in the world. It gives rise to a deep interest in America, China and also in Europe. This event is dedicated to the impact of the uniform law on the practice and development of business with Africa; it will also allow the participants to compare the experiences and perspectives related to this new approach to uniform law

More information at: http://seminaires.uianet.org/en/the-impact-of-the-ohada-on-international-business-law-and-practice-in-africa/home143/

Thanks to Salvatore Mancuso (University of Macau) for this information.

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