12 February 2010

EVENTS: The British Institute of International and Comparative Law

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law has an extensive programme of events scheduled in the next few months. These include:
  • International law before UK Courts: Current Trends and Future Challenges. 23 February 2010
  • The Brussels Law Factory: How EU Law Making Transforms National Private Law. 24 February 2010
  • The Annual Grotius Lecture: Transnational Corporations: National Regulation, International Cooperation and International Judicial Assistance. 16 March 2010
  • The Annual Grotius Dinner. 16 March 2010
  • Terrorism, Fair Trials and the Role of the Courts.28 April 2010
  • The Fourteenth Investment Treaty Forum Public Conference -- Do not pass Go: Jurisdictional and other objections available to respondent State. 7 May 2010
  • Tenth Annual WTO Conference. 19-20 May 2010
  • Annual Conference 2010: Energy Security and Its Impacts on the International Legal System. 11 June 2010
See www.biicl.org/events/-/type/current/ for additional information.

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