29 September 2010

NOTICE: German Law Journal

The following message was addressed to readers of the German Law Journal:

Please note that the new issue of the German Law Journal, Review of Developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence is now available at www.germanlawjournal.com.

We trust you will find this issue as engaging and interesting as we found the work with our authors who were generous enough to contribute to this number. We, they are covering a broad range of highly timely topics in a thoughtful and comparative manner. Reading is highly recommended!

But this issue also marks the first one without our much-missed editorial board member, Professor Cornelia Vismann, among us. This issue includes a short obituary, in which you will also find a note regarding a commemoration symposium we are planning for the spring of 2011.


Russell Miller and Peer Zumbansen
Editors in Chief
The Editors, German Law Journal

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